Earthquake preparedness and urban resilience conference in Skopje

May 15, 2023
Event Details

16 - 18 May 2023

Skopje, Hotel Limak

The UNDP country office in Skopje, North Macedonia is hosting a ‘High Level Conference on Urban Resilience’ bringing together representatives from national institutions from across the globe, city officials, including keynote speakers from: international organizations, academia, policy makers, civil society, the private sector, as well as individuals that could inspire action and propose policies and examples on how we can enhance the resilience of our cities.

This conference is thematically divided in two parts. On the 16th of May 2023 we are going to host a ‘High Level Conference on Urban Resilience’, and on the 17-18th of May 2023 we are going to host a ‘Disaster Risk Reduction Community of Practice and Crisis Preparedness and Response Training for Europe and Central Asia’ bringing together UNDP DRR practitioners for trainings, knowledge sharing sessions and the state-of-the-art offer coming from UNDP in this space. 

This conference is happening in the same year, as the country marks six decades from the devastating Skopje earthquake in 1963, that left the city in rubble, changed the lives of its residents, and gave a new direction of the development of the city. We trust that the 60th commemoration of the Skopje earthquake presents an opportune moment for a broader conversation on making our cities more resilient, embedding solidarity in our development policies and the importance of disaster preparedness and response.