Women Empowerment: An Integral Part of Societal Development

December 30, 2023

Adama Bulama - Fishing Equipment Beneficiary

UNDP Nigeria/Amalachukwa Ibeneme

Women empowerment: An integral part of societal development

Women are not only the most vulnerable victims of conflict, but they are also disproportionately disadvantaged in terms of resources, access to services, education, and human rights. Their vulnerability affects their ability to reach their full potential in society. In Northeast Nigeria, women and girls from conflict-affected areas make up the bulk of the vulnerable internally displaced persons with many of these women entirely responsible for the safety and financial stability of their families. To ensure that women reclaim their lives and create a more prosperous future for themselves and their families, it is imperative that they access social and economic services.


Unlocking the Potential: UNDP's Intervention in Yobe State

To strengthen the economic power and resilience of women in Buni Yadi, Yobe State, UNDP in partnership with Yobe State Government through the Regional Stabilization Facility has provided the community with livelihood opportunities through several interventions as listed below.

Another benefeciary of the fishing equipment

UNDP Nigeria/Amalachukwa Ibeneme
“This is the first support I have received since I lost all my properties to the crisis said Adamaa. This fishery support is important to the women because our culture doesn’t permit women to go to the river to fish, but with this we can practice fishery at home and make end means from it to support our families”.
Adama Bulama


Fishing Equipment: One hundred female-headed households received essential fishing equipment, equipping them with means to generate income independently. This initiative not only offers economic independence but also challenges cultural norms that restrict women from river fishing. The fishing gear includes plastic fish tanks, hand-held fishing equipment, fish fingers, a bucket, and catfish feed.

Livestock: A total of 408 being female headed were provided with livestock, further diversifying their economic prospects. This economic support offers an alternative source of income. 

Cash Grants: Another 230 being female headed received cash grants totaling 30 million Naira. Each household received 100,000 Naira, empowering these women to establish small-scale businesses or expand existing ventures. 

The impact of these interventions extends far beyond sustainable income. In empowering women with economic livelihood opportunities, there is a less likelihood of re-engagement with armed groups. Furthermore, these interventions foster reconciliation and reintegration within the community, promoting the acceptance of displaced persons. 

For many women like Adama Bulama, these alternative source of income enables them to take better care of their families and envision a brighter future. Adama one of the beneficiaries of the fishery support lost everything to the crisis, her house was burnt down, and she left to stay with her relatives in a neighbouring village. Due to the crisis, she lost her business and had been struggling to get back on her feet to support her children. Fortunately, with the support she will be able to build back better. 

Lydia Nehemia - Cash grant beneficiary

UNDP Nigeria/Amalachukwa Ibeneme

Lydia Nehemia’s story underscores the importance of cash grant support.  As a woman struggling to provide for her children, this support breathes new life into her business, ensuring her children’s well-being.

“If you are victim of crisis without any form of support as a woman, life becomes hundred times harder. With this support, women like me can survive and dream of a better life and future for our children,” said Lydia. 

While livelihood support represents a crucial step forward, UNDP Nigeria recognizes that comprehensive support is essential. Collaboration with the state government and community members is ongoing to provide holistic assistance, empowering women to lead better lives and nurturing a future where gender equality prevails. Through these efforts, women are not merely beneficiaries; they become architects of a thriving society.


Cash Grant Beneficiaries

UNDP Nigeria/Amalachukwa Ibeneme