Fostering Empowerment: Aisha’s role in youth empowerment in Yobe State

October 19, 2023

Aisha from Potiskum

UNDP Nigeria/Amalachukwa Ibeneme

In 2021, Aisha from Potiskum was among the 125 youths selected by UNDP in collaboration with the YobeState Emergency Management Agency (YOSEMA) and the Government of Japan to receive vocational skills training in support of the recovery, socialstability andsecurityefforts for youth in conflict-affected communities in Yobe State Nigeria. 

Aisha chose to specialize in cosmetology. After aneight-week training, she mastered her craft, and her hard work paid off. Soon, she launched her own business, offering a unique product: perfumed petroleum jelly. She didn't stop there; driven by her ambition, she enrolled herself in nursing school from the gains made from the business as she understood the importance of continuous learning. Aisha's impact radiated even brighter as UNDP in 2022 proudly celebrated her as one of the Women in the Frontline fighting for equality amid crisis,".

Aisha during one of the training session

UNDP Nigeria/Amalachukwa Ibeneme
"No matter where you start, with determination and he right support, you can achieve your dreams. This is part of what I want the participants of this training to go home with. "

One of her dreams was to train more youths especially girls in cosmetology as a way of empowering them. Her transformation caught the Yobe State government’s attention, and they invited her to become part of the trainerfor the 2023 batch of beneficiaries selected under the UNDP’s socialstability andsecurityefforts for youth in conflict-affected communities project which is funded by the government of Japan. The project is focused on empowering youths with marketable skills they need to survive and succeed as they recover from conflict.

Aisha was humbled and honoured to guide others on their journey to self-sufficiency. 

Aisha with some of her students

UNDP Nigeria/Amalachukwa Ibeneme

Today, she is training about 22 students on cosmetology. For Aisha, training these youths that are in the same age grade with her is a huge honour. It brings her closer to her dream as she still intends to open her own cosmetology training school in the nearest future. 

Speaking to some of her trainees, they all agreed that Aisha is a good teacher, and her way of teaching is unique that you understand the processes easily. Apart from that, her story of recovery is enough inspiration for them to take the training seriously and be better for themselves. Aisha’s journey is that of resilience and determination, she now stands as a shining example to many youths in Postikum of what one can achieve with the right support