UNDP Nigeria Annual Report 2014


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UNDP Nigeria Annual Report 2014

June 5, 2015

Nigeria continues to be an example to the rest of the world on many fronts. Having attained the rank of being the biggest economy in Africa after rebasing, the country has continued on its growth path with a vision to be among the world’s top twenty largest economies by 2020.

The Government of Nigeria, working with a number of partners, continues to respond to the increasing needs of its people; the need for growth to be inclusive, governance to be effective and democratic and development to be sustainable.

During the year, we supported the government in designing and implementing key aspects of the country’s development course that continued to address the interconnected issues of poverty, inequality and exclusion. While this was only the first year of implementing the UNDAF, significant progress has so far been achieved in enhancing productive capacities and efficiencies of government Ministries, Departments and Agencies. Our interventions at State level have also shown us that timely planning is key to effective implementation of programmes and achievement of results.

Through our support to the Federal Government, the country was able to develop policies and programmes that will help Nigeria adopt sustainable development pathways. From initiatives that raised the agriculture profile as a key driver to growth to those that enabled communities to adopt clean energy sources, we counted on the partnerships we have built over the years because we are alive to the fact that we achieve more when we work with other players.

Some highlights from the report

  • As a result of our support, incidents of violence have reduced. The 'Jos Platform' in Plateau State was a key innovation behind this success
  • More USD20 million was spent on governance and peace building activities during the year 2014
  • Throughout the year, we worked with partners at both Federal and State government levels
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