Roadmap Nigerian Agribusiness Supply Development Program


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Roadmap Nigerian Agribusiness Supply Development Program

October 10, 2013

Access to new markets contributes to the local economic development of suppliers, SMEs and their communities, but these markets in many cases will not develop on their own. UNDP Nigeria is one of first countries (together with Kenya, Angola and South Africa) to develop a roadmap for an Agribusiness Supplier Development Programme (ASDP. Its ambition is to work on practical knowledge for market development. One way to achieve this is through collaborating more directly with the private sector in order to have a larger impact on UNDP’s main target beneficiaries, in particular women and youth. Geographically Northern parts of the country are target areas. Three sub-sectors, fish/aquaculture, dairy and horticulture (tomato), have specific opportunities for stimulating economic development in these areas. These sub-sectors were pre-selected in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and were shortlisted because of their potential impact on food security, poverty and gender. Cassava sub-sector was added to the list because of the strong interest from the Ministry.

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