Peugeot Nigeria: 50 youths from Borno complete technical skills training thanks to UNDP and EU support

February 4, 2020

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Kaduna, 4 February 2020 — The Peugeot Automobile Nigeria (PAN) Learning Centre in Kaduna graduated 50 youths from Borno State who completed a vocational training in auto mechanics technology and trades, including painting, spraying, and welding. The yearlong training was funded by the European Union (EU) and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The graduation event caps a vast technical skills acquisition programme launched in December 2017 under the EU’s “Borno Project” in order to improve the lives of 600 000 people living in the state’s conflict-affected communities. 

Through targeted interventions in infrastructure, livelihoods, social cohesion, and local governance, the Borno Project focused on providing jobs to women and youth, restoring decent livelihoods, and improving the sustainable recovery and resilience of the region.

"UNDP's Technical Skills Acquisition Programme is assisting the Northeast communities and their youths to get to the path of full recovery from the socio-economic slump that the insurgency's years long activities has impacted on the region", said Mrs Elizabeth O. Mordi, Director-General of the PAN Learning Centre.

Under the Borno project, UNDP facilitated the training of 820 youth by partnering with prominent institutions such as the Mohamed Lawan College of Agriculture, the Nigerian Institute of Leather Science and Technologies, Maiduguri’s Rahmat Polytechnic, and Peugeot Nigeria.

 “We encourage you to use your technical knowledge to help build strong and resilient communities and to contribute to the sustainable development of Nigeria,” said UNDP Livelihoods Specialist Muhammad Khan ashe urged the graduates to make the best of their newly acquired skills.

It is also estimated the 4682 beneficiaries from Borno received agriculture and farming skills training through the Borno State Agriculture Development Programme. 

Working with the Center for Community Development and Research Network, UNDP Nigeria will  monitor the professional development of PAN graduates and provide them with 180,000.00 naira business start-up cash grants. Eligible applicants will be selected based their attendance and performance record and following the review of their business plan.  

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