Commitment to excellence in Impact Measurement and Management to Elevate SDG-Focused Enterprises in Nigeria

November 28, 2023

SDG Impact Standards training for impact-driven enterprises

Lagos – on 28 October 2023, The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), with the unwavering support of the European Union (EU) in Nigeria, successfully delivered the inaugural Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Impact Standards training for impact-driven enterprises on 28 to 30 October 2023 on the sidelines of the 6th Annual Impact Investors Convening. This marks a pivotal moment in reaffirming the organizations' joint commitment to steering positive change and fostering equitable progress.

The SDG Impact Standards guide businesses and investors on their sustainable journey, so that both financial and non-financial value for the organization, people and planet are considered equally important in the decision-making process.

In the face of a swiftly evolving global landscape, organizations are not only expected to fulfill their missions but also to transparently showcase the tangible differences they make in the lives of people and communities at large. Recognizing the paramount importance of measuring and managing impact as integral to its mission, UNDP is dedicated to supporting countries in their endeavors to achieve the SDGs by 2030.
The training, attended by representatives from 12 enterprises, represents UNDP's dynamic portfolio of SDG-focused businesses actively contributing to addressing Nigeria's most pressing development challenges. These enterprises have been identified through the UNDP Growth Stage Impact Ventures (GSIV) programme and the SDG investment brokering initiative. They span diverse sectors, including agriculture, renewable energy, healthcare, services, technology, and communications.

Adejoke Lasisi, the CEO of Planet 3R commented “The SDGs cannot be achieved without everyone's involvement, as nation-building is a collective effort. At Planet 3R, we prioritise the impact our organization has on our stakeholders. The SDG Impact Standards training was, thus, very useful for us, to better articulate who those stakeholders are, and what our actual contribution is to their wellbeing”.

The SDG Impact Standards Training Course for Enterprises underscored the imperative of aligning organizational strategies with SDG outcomes, articulating the needs of all stakeholders, aligning resources to reflect sustainability priorities, and rigorously measuring and managing the impact of business decisions on stakeholders.

The training was delivered by Ms. Etemore Glover, CEO of the Impact Investors Foundation (IIF), who is among the first Accredited Trainers for the SDG Impact Standards in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Ms. Glover emphasized the significance of the training, stating, "The UNDP SDG Impact Standards Training was a great opportunity to share the Standards with Nigerian enterprises. It was a time to rethink how they could improve their IMM strategy, stakeholders' engagements and how to practically incorporate the SDG Impact Standards into their decision-making processes to achieve the SDGs. The tool presented a clear pathway for the enterprises to create long term sustainable value for their businesses while making profit."

Furthermore, to reinforce its commitment to channelling increased capital towards Nigeria’s national development priorities, UNDP, in collaboration with the EU, supported the IIF in organizing the 6th Annual Impact Investors Convening, themed "Catalytic Capital for Inclusive Growth and Development." This two-day event featured thought-provoking dialogues and deal rooms aimed at directing impact capital towards opportunities that accelerate progress for the Nigerian people and communities. It brought together policymakers, regulators, domestic and global impact investors, enterprises, and thought leaders who offered insights on best practices for catalysing financing for Nigeria’s development challenges.

The Director of the UNDP Sustainable Finance Hub (SFH), Ms Fabienne Michaux, contributed to the Impact Investors Convening session on “Unlocking Nigeria’s Investment Potential: The Role of Impact Measurement and Management Standards, Investment Policies, and Regulatory Reforms”. During the conference she noted that, “Impact-focused enterprises using frameworks like the SDG Impact Standards on their sustainability journeys have a key role to play in addressing the current disconnect between an increased focus on sustainability and impact capital on the one hand, versus the ever-growing development needs on the other. She further added, “For example, USD 30 trillion are labelled as “sustainable” finance globally, however negative impacts continue to exist. For instance, Africa experienced an estimated 20 million job losses due to COVID-19, pushing an additional 40 million people on the continent into extreme poverty.”

UNDP has created impact measurement and management which are indispensable tools for organizations who are committed to creating positive change in the world. UNDP remains dedicated to the principles of long-term sustainability, transparency, and the achievement of meaningful, lasting impact. The SDG Impact Standards and accompanying resources are freely available online. To support the adoption of the SDG Impact Standards, UNDP has developed education and training courses to strengthen sustainability and impact management capability and capacity across the markets.



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