UNDP Nigeria Launches 'Conversations with Trailblazers' Podcast: Spotlighting Nigerian Creatives Driving Change and Development

July 20, 2023


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Nigeria has launched its pioneering podcast series called 'Conversations with Trailblazers.' In these podcast episodes, we engage with individuals who are changing the narrative locally and internationally, breaking boundaries in their respective fields, empowering people, and facilitating development. Trailblazers share their stories, while we ask the questions that truly matter.


'Conversations with Trailblazers' aims to create platforms where creatives, including artists, fashion designers, and entrepreneurs, can share their stories, highlight their contributions to Nigeria's development, and gain insights on how they can strategically be a part of Nigeria's development agenda from the perspective of UNDP Nigeria.


Nigerian creatives have played a vital role in putting Nigeria on the global map and representing the country across various industries such as film, music and entertainment, fashion, visual arts, and digital media. The Nigerian creative industry has made significant contributions to the country's economy, with findings showing that the Nigerian film industry contributed $660 million to the Gross Domestic Product. Additionally, the Nigerian music industry has experienced remarkable global popularity, which also stimulates sectors such as fashion and tourism.


UNDP Nigeria will be engaging with trailblazers to discuss their contributions to society and the economy, amplify their stories to inspire more Nigerians, identify opportunities for increased collaboration and partnership, and explore unique perspectives and innovative solutions to existing challenges.


In the first episode, Mr. Mohamed Yahya, the UNDP Nigeria Resident Representative, sat down with Mai Atafo, Chief Creative Director of ATAFO, to explore the role of the creative industry in changing the narrative and facilitating development. Mai Atafo shared his story on how he started and grew his fashion brand. The first episode is available on SpotifyApple Podcasts, and YouTube.

Mr. Mohamed Yahya and Johnny Drille during the Conversations with Trailblazers Podcast



The second episode features Johnny Drille, a singer, songwriter, and producer, in conversation with Mr. Mohamed Yahya, UNDP Nigeria Resident Representative. Johnny Drille, known for the hit songs such as "How Are You My Friend?," "Wait for Me," "Mystery Girl," and many more, discussed the role of music and musicians in changing the narrative and facilitating development. They also explored the potential role of UNDP Nigeria in supporting musicians. The second episode is available on SpotifyApple Podcasts, and YouTube.


In the third episode, Ms. Chanda Ginsberg, Public Engagement, Outreach and Partnerships Lead, UNDP Nigeria sat down with Aisha Shuaibu, Founder of Waffle Way, Director of SWA Global and President of SWA Sports to discuss Aisha’s experience on setting up businesses, how she is using sports as a tool for development, and ways to promote gender inclusivity in business and international development space.


Through these thought-provoking conversations, one can gain insights into the transformative power of the creative industry and its role in shaping Nigeria's development agenda. Don't miss out on the captivating episodes available on SpotifyApple Podcasts, and YouTube. Tune in to be inspired by the trailblazers who are driving change and making a difference in Nigeria and beyond.