Winners of the 2018 Hackathon present their impactful innovations

July 27, 2019

Photo: Ooredoo Myanmar

Yangon, Myanmar: In December 2018, Ooredoo Myanmar and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Myanmar organized a Hackathon with the objective of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship on the theme “Women’s Empowerment and Agri-Tech.” As part of this collaboration, Ooredoo and UNDP, in partnership with Impact Hub, hosted a “Demo Day” on 27 July 2019 at Ooredoo Myanmar Head Office in Yangon. The event provided the three winning teams from the Hackathon with a platform to pitch their innovations to an audience comprising the startup community and potential funders.

Two of the winning teams presented innovations in the agricultural category. Team Blind Hat‘s application, “Sein Lae Myay,” under the Agritech in the Value Chain category, helps rural farmers enhance their supply and value chains by providing them with a platform for transactional, rental and information-sharing activities to bridge the information gap between buyers and sellers of agricultural products, nutrients and machines. Team Deca’s “Dr. Kyet,” under the Agritech for Rural Farmers category, empowers poultry farmers with an interactive chat bot for daily information, prompt answers to their questions, and troubleshooting support. In addition, Team Divas’ innovation, “HearU,” under the Women’s Empowerment category, allows employees to report misconduct at work directly to the company’s HR department or management.

“We hope that today’s event inspires more young people to come up with new innovative ideas that enrich people’s lives by leveraging the power of the internet and technology to confront day-to-day challenges in Myanmar. Ooredoo’s vision and commitment are to focus on supporting youth to drive digital transformation. We aim to continue to support Myanmar’s vibrant community of innovators and offer a platform to make their impactful ideas come to life,” said Mr. Rajeev Sethi, CEO of Ooredoo Myanmar.

The three winning teams were given the opportunity to reinforce their outputs and hone their entrepreneurial skills through financial and in-kind support provided by Ooredoo and UNDP, with incubation and mentoring support made possible by Impact Hub.

Photo: UNDP Myanmar

“UNDP strongly believes that the youth have the power to drive change with digital innovations that can promote sustainable development and build a better future for Myanmar.  Today, I’m delighted to see the final products from the three winning teams. UNDP remains committed towards advancing innovation and entrepreneurship to develop exciting and homegrown solutions to meet Myanmar’s development challenges.” said Peter Batchelor, Resident Representative of UNDP Myanmar.

Today’s Demo Day represents the conclusion of the 2018 Hackathon journey, but the partnership between Ooredoo Myanmar and UNDP will continue.

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