UNDP in Liberia

Inclusive Governance


UNDP is a neutral trusted partner supporting the Government of Liberia rebuild and strengthen governance at the national and sub-national levels. Inclusive Governance Pillar has three flagship programmes: 

  • Electoral support 

  • Strengthening the rule of law

  • Decentralization


Governance reforms are inevitable and fundamental to setting the country firmly on democratic governance, sustainable development, and prosperity. UNDP supports the Government of Liberia to improve the quality of democratic governance through upstream policy support as the conduit to a decentralized service provision.

The Inclusive Governance Portfolio supports an integrated approach to peacebuilding, the rule of law, access to justice, decentralization of services at the county level, governance, and economic recovery, ensuring that no one is left behind, especially women, youth, and people with disabilities.

The programme aims to support anti-corruption efforts by facilitating partnerships between government agencies, civil society, and the media to fight the vice, and by harnessing technology to facilitate citizens’ participation. 

Other initiatives are strengthening land governance of customarily held lands, resolving disputes on political and administrative boundaries, and broad-based capacity geared at certification of professional cadres.