Monrovia Metropolitan Climate Resilience Project

To adapt to the severe impacts of climate change on Monrovia’s coast, it is necessary to change the current approach to climate change induced coastal impacts from a focus on short-term solutions to long-term integrated planning that involves the public sector, private sector and communities at all levels of governance.

The MMCRP proposed project will address the above-mentioned barriers to effective climate change adaptation on the coastal zone of Monrovia through interventions in three inter-related focus areas.

Through coastal defence, the project will address one of the most urgent adaptation needs in Monrovia by constructing a rock revetment to defend West Point against coastal erosion and storms.

The project will protect and build the climate resilience of approximately 10,500 people in West Point and avoid damages of up to USD 47 million to the individual and communal property of West Point residents as well as securing launch sites for fishing boats which will have a positive impact on the fisheries sector.