Project Summary

The project in Sinoe County of Liberia aims to address the vulnerability of coastal communities to environmental and climate hazards and to implement a Sea and River Defense and Risk Management (SRDRM) approach to protect coastal assets and promote climate-resilient livelihood diversification. The Project focuses on addressing current and future climate change impacts through a gender-responsive approach, building on ongoing baseline initiatives. Project sites that will be targeted for on-the-ground coastal resilience and livelihood interventions are all located along the coastal belt within Sinoe County and are characterized by mangrove and coconut forests. 


The overall objective of the proposed project is to protect coastal communities and their assets from future climate change by implementing sea and river defense and risk management (SRDRM) approaches while simultaneously enhancing their income streams through livelihood diversification. This will be achieved through four complementary project components that will be implemented in Liberia’s coastal counties, including i) updating policies and plans related to coastal management and relevant sectors such as fisheries and agriculture; ii) strengthening the institutional capacity of county and district level officials to apply SRDRM as well as climate change adaptation measures; iii) knowledge sharing and awareness raising; iv) improved risk management and early warning systems; and v) diversified and climate-resilient livelihood options. Additionally, hybrid nature-based and engineered interventions will be implemented in the vulnerable coastal county of Sinoe, which will be used as a pilot to collect best practices for dissemination to other coastal counties.

Expected Results

  • Strengthened the capacity of all Liberian coastal counties' planning institutions to assess climate change risks and integrate them into county development frameworks. 

  • Innovative technologies including response planning and communication mechanisms introduced to support coastal adaptation. 

  • Reduced vulnerability of Sinoe County coastal communities to climate-induced sea level rise impacts through hybrid solutions (nature-based and engineering) and 

  • Gender-responsive options for climate-resilient income and livelihood diversification introduced to climate-vulnerable communities in coastal counties.


  • Hired National and International consultants to conduct Vulnerability Mapping Exercise

  • Conducted Inception workshop in Greenville, Sinoe County.

  • Hired a national consultant and an international specialist on climate change and coastal adaptation to lead the multi-criteria analysis.

  • Stakeholders Consultations held in Sinoe County.

  • Baseline data collection conducted.

  • TOR developed to hire an International Social and Environmental Safeguard Specialist to conduct a Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA)/ Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) including the development of an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM).

  • Developed TOR and hired a local Livelihood Specialist to assist in the Project SESA and ESIA including the development of the ESMP, GRM and LAP

Quick Facts

Start DateNovember 27, 2022
End DateNovember 26, 2028
Key Result AreaInclusive Green Growth/Climate Change
DonorUNDP, Global Environment Facility

Total resources required

  • GEF Trust Fund grant: LDCF USD 8,932,420
  • Confirmed cash co-financing to be administered by UNDP-USD$ 200,000.
  • Total budget administered by UNDP-USD $9,132,420
  • Total confirmed co-financing-USD$ 11, 273,510
  • Grand Total - 20,405,930

Partners - EPA, Mines and Energy, Agriculture, Public Works, Commerce, Conservation International

Coverage - Sinoe County Southeast

Project Document