UNDP and Climate Change Zero Carbon, Sustainable Development


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UNDP and Climate Change Zero Carbon, Sustainable Development

January 9, 2019

Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time. Over the past 100 years, fourteen of the hottest summers have occurred since 2000 and the world is already facing climate change-induced impacts, such as rising sea levels, changing rainfall patterns, increased droughts, and more erratic storms. These stresses have exacerbated existing economic, political and humanitarian issues around the world. Hard-won gains that have helped communities increase access to food, health, education and other needs are at risk. In particular, for the poorest and most vulnerable, climate change can undo decades of development. This infographic report provides a snapshot of the breadth and depth of UNDP’s climate change work in the hope that our experiences and expertise can be beneficial to countries as they deliver their climate change and development goals in 2016 and beyond. The portfolio is based on UNDP’s role as an implementing agency of Global Environment Facility-managed funds, an implementing entity of the Adaptation Fund, and a partner in numerous multilateral and bilateral programmes. UNDP is also an accredited entity of the Green Climate Fund.