Partnering and Innovating for Sustainable Development

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Partnering and Innovating for Sustainable Development

August 23, 2018

The  Latin  American  and  Caribbean  region  has  made  enormous  advances  in  development  in  recent  decades.  Yet  the  percentage  of  citizens  who  are  satisfied  with  their  democratic  system  has  fallen  from  44  to  30  percent  over  the  last  10  years,  according  to  2017  data  from  Latinobarómetro.  The  region,  as  a  whole,  achieved  the  majority  of  the  Millennium  Development  Goals  (MDGs)  by  2015,  which  was  a  historic  achievement,  and  now  needs  a  different  approach  to  achieve  the  2030  Agenda  and  the  Sustainable  Development  Goals  (SDGs).  Leaving  no  one  behind  is  a  crucial  challenge  for  this  region,  which  remains  the  least  equitable  in  the  world. 

The  United  Nations  Development  Programme  (UNDP)  partners  with  governments,  civil  society  organizations  and  the  private  sector  to  achieve  a  ‘multidimensional’  level  of  progress  that  extends  beyond  economic  gains.  This  requires  transforming  traditional  development  models  and  raising  the  quality  of  life  of  all  people,  while  also  preserving  and  restoring  biodiversity  and  protecting  ecosystems.  This  is  crucial  for  the  Latin  America  and  the  Caribbean  region,  which  is  considered  a  ‘biodiversity  superpower’,  in  possession  of  one  of  the  greatest  endowments  of  natural  capital  in  the  world,  according  to  a  UNDP  report.

This new brochure highlights some of UNDP's work in Latin America and the Caribbean, working with governments, with civil society organizations, the private sector and a wide-range of partners. It showcases examples at the local, national and regional levels of how we are connecting the dots, bringing partners together to implement the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with innovation under the framework of UNDP’s Strategic Plan 2018-2021.