Innovation, on the Basis of Gender: Catalyzing gender equality

Innovation, on the Basis of Gender: Catalyzing gender equality

May 14, 2024

There has been significant progress in the region when it comes to promoting gender equality, with many countries having developed strategies and policies. However, the expected results will not arrive at the pace we need them for this generation of women to experience living on an equal society. Innovation -be it methodological or technological can increase the efficiency and impact of these efforts.

UNDP’s Regional Strategy for Gender Equality highlights the importance of incorporating a systemic approach that promotes an understanding of the interconnections between different development challenges and their impacts on women. This calls for new gender-sensitive approaches to address key structural issues such as the unjust social organization of care and discriminatory social norms, as well as adopting intersectional strategies that respond to their specific needs and create more sustainable, inclusive and egalitarian societies.

UNDP is implementing transformative approaches to address gender inequalities through the work of its Accelerator Labs, Infosegura initiative, the Spotlight Initiative, and the Regional Gender Team. This synergy of efforts presents a fresh perspective on catalyzing change, experimenting with innovative methodologies to foster behavioral shifts, and harnessing digital technologies to enhance the identification and support mechanisms for women in vulnerable conditions. This document provides brief descriptions of some of the initiatives being implemented at the regional or country level.

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