Final Evaluation Guiana Shield Facility Project


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Final Evaluation Guiana Shield Facility Project

January 6, 2019

Final evaluation of the Guiana Shield Facility Project (GSF). The GSF is a multi-donor facility designed to enable the six Guiana Shield ecoregion countries (Brazil, Colombia, French Guiana (overseas territory of France), Guyana, Suriname and Venezuela) and their local communities to finance, develop, manage and benefit from the conservation and sustainable development of their natural resources. The activities of the GSF program were structured under one outcome: biodiversity protected through the implementation of valuation methodologies, payment of ecosystem services and adoption of new technologies.
The objective of this final evaluation was to assess the effectiveness and contribution of the GSF project to protecting ecosystems through implementation of valuation methodologies, payment for ecosystem services, and adoption of new technologies, as well as creating and sustaining effective partnerships to promote advocacy, knowledge building and transboundary collaboration within the Guiana Shield. The scope of the evaluation covers inputs, activities, outputs and the project's contribution to the Regional Project Document outcome and relevant Country Programme outcomes achieved from 2010 to 2015 in five of the six countries sharing and administering the territorial space of the Guiana Shield.
The Commission of the European Union and the Government of the Netherlands funded the programme in equal amounts of €1.5 million. The GSF was implemented by the UNDP Guyana office in collaboration with UNDP country offices, governments, civil society, universities and research institutes, private sector and local-community based organizations.  As of August 2015, the GSF project includes 4 Guiana Shield countries and cooperation agreements have been drafted with French Guiana, and 18 national and regional partners.