Panel 1: Rethinking the social compact, with inclusion and equity: financing of universal social protection systems in Latin America and the Caribbean

October 2, 2023
Event Details

03 October 2023

2:30 PM to 5:00 PM



Raúl Prebisch Room

Moderator: Almudena Fernández, Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean of UNDP

Linda Maguire, Deputy Regional Director for Latin America and the Caribbean of UNDP

Jose Avendaño, Deputy Minister for Social and Institutional Planning in the Ministry of People’s Power for Planning of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Francisca Gallegos Jara, Undersecretary for Social Services of the Ministry of Social Development and Family Affairs of Chile

Irma Yolanda Núñez, Coordinator of Social Affairs of the Office of the Presidential Commissioner for Cabinet Operations of El Salvador

Vindhya Persaud, Minister of Human Services and Social Security of Guyana (pre-recorded video message, to be confirmed)

Alberto Arenas de Mesa, Chief of the Social Development Division of ECLAC

Statements by delegations