Workshop on Digital Government

November 17, 2020

Photo by: UNDP Lao PDR

17 November 2020, Vientiane- A workshop to take stock of the various efforts towards digitalization transformation in the Government of Lao PDR. The event was jointly organized by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MPT) and the United Nations Development Programme in Lao PDR (UNDP).

The mentioned workshop was jointly attended by Dr. Thavisack Manodham, Director General of E-Government Center, Ministry of Post and Telecommunication and Ms. Ricarda Rieger, Resident Representative of UNDP in Lao PDR, with the participation of about 50 individuals representing the various departments, sectors of line Ministries. 

Ms. Rieger remarked, " During the early part of the year, many areas of government have been rapidly forced into the digital future and to seize the potential rewards. The momentum that has been created to many things digital, needs to be seized to help propel Lao PDR to the forefront of digitalization." 

Additionally, part of the day’s agenda, chaired by Dr. Thavisack Manodham, focused on the exchange of lessons learned and the direction which the government would take on the path towards going digital, with 3 core objectives: 1) The Development of Digital Governance in Lao PDR and in the ASEAN region, 2) The development and planning to transform digital governance of the concerned ministries and departmental offices. 3) Discussion on the feasibility and drafting for the transformation of digital governance.

This will be the first workshop of a series which will be designed for various stakeholders on digitalization transformations of Lao PDR.



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