Environment, climate change and resilience

The country’s environment and climate change programme leverages UNDP signature solutions on building resilience and a sustainable planet and directly supports the complementary UNSDCF pillars on environment and prosperity.

UNDP will support the Government to implement and conduct a successful, low-carbon, gender-responsive, socially-inclusive green growth strategy in urban and rural areas. It aims to place the Lao People’s Democratic Republic on a trajectory that will reduce current and future environmental damage and losses and shift the growth path to more sustainable use and management of natural resources for future generations.

In Depth

Resilient communities and strengthened institutions are critical to cope with and recover from climate change and disaster impacts. Therefore, if there is improved sustainable use of ecosystems and biodiversity resources, greater community engagement in use of common property resources, and increased resilience to natural hazards-induced disasters and climate change.

Then by 2026, people, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized, and institutions will be better able to sustainably access, manage, preserve and benefit from natural resources and promote green growth that is risk-informed, disaster and climate-resilient.  

UNDP will focus on:

  • Capacity development of State authorities at the central level to develop gender-responsive policies and guidelines that improve national resources management, disaster risk management and resilience to climate change

  • Leverage partnerships to strengthen the overall policy environment and the critical interlinkages between natural resource management, disaster risk reduction and sustainable development

  • In line with the commitment to sustainable management and financing for natural resources, UNDP will work with the Government and international and regional experts on innovative approaches to financing interventions for natural resources management and climate change mitigation and adaptation

UNDP will also work with vulnerable groups, including women in rural communities, to further create opportunities and incentives for their greater participation in protected area management and conservation of ecosystems and wildlife and increase their resilience to natural hazards-induced disasters and climate change. This will enable communities to benefit more from sustainable, inclusive natural resource management practices and programmes, including integrated resource management, ecosystem-based adaptation, climate resilient food systems and local infrastructure.