Modern Science's Take on Neuroplasticity in Children

January 26, 2022

Hani and Fares Neurogarden Founders

Neurogarden explores the most complex organ in the human body; the brain and its ability to rewire through neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to change and adapt based on human experiences and environments. Mapping brain connections, two brothers founded Neurogarden, a startup to discover ways to improve children's early development through their neurological and brain development at an early age. 

Neurogarden was one of several startups supported through the Heart of Amman, a flagship programme implemented by UNDP in close collaboration with GAM and the Government of Japan.

Neurogarden is a specialized body of scientists, academics and early education researchers that work together and with the community on creating and providing neuro-education programs to better inform caregivers, educators and policymakers involved in Early Childhood Care And Education.

Fares one of Neurogarden co-founders said, "Neuroplasticity is a message of hope. It emphasizes that regardless of all the challenges a child undergoes during their childhood period, we can still rewire the brain and develop healthier children". 

Hani and Fares, a medical doctor and an engineer, we're always been fascinated by science from early on. Their first experience working with children was when both of them were at the Child Concept Kindergarten focusing on autism. They delivered training and educational services there. At this time, they discovered their passion for guiding children, their parents, and educators. They soon started their work related to children’s brain development through edutainment, educational and interactive training programs. Their programs tap into people's minds and optimize the mental health of the upcoming generation, starting with their parents and educators. 

“We believe modern parenting should prioritize brain development as we have more awareness today than ever, and we believe that this can be done through proper training and high-quality education,” Fares adds. 

Entrepreneurs face many challenges due to the non-traditional career path they choose to follow. However, the support system and community built to make this entire process and journey highly rewarding and worthwhile. Part of their support system is the Heart of Amman Programme which empowers entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools needed. The programme supported Fares and Hani in designing training to make them more accessible for parents and educators in all governorates of Jordan. 

Moreover, the Heart of Amman Programme was an opportunity for them to deep dive into the local ecosystem, its language and structure. Also, it helped them take part in social entrepreneurs’ network in Amman where they exchange thoughts and ideas and learn from one another. 

After engaging in the first and second phases of the Heart of Amman Programme, there is an extensive impact that the Government of Japan and UNDP created for Neurogarden today. They could sustainably develop their business model, increase their reach, and find an audience that appreciated the educational startup’s child-centeredness and practicality. 

“Today, as the first early brain development and neuroeducation platform in Arabic, we have been able to design courses with 20 speakers and specialists focusing on ten core topics of early child development”, Fares said. 

Amman is the ideal destination that accommodates many startups due to its small yet diverse market for testing products or services. Working here for the past years, they have realized how Jordan's economy consists primarily of micro, small, and medium enterprises and startups that they can learn from. There are plenty of challenges they also found as opportunities. In addition, Jordan may not be a rich country, but it is rich in talent.    

Fares stated, “Being propelled by the Heart of Amman programme’s training and mentorship support, Neurogarden was able to pilot and test our prototype in the Jordanian cultural context”. 

Through trial and error, entrepreneurs can develop their communication, management, and leadership skills at a rate that would not be possible within a traditional career path. It is challenging to work in this environment, but at the same time, it is a rewarding experience to work as entrepreneurs in Amman, particularly now. The neurogarden team is excited to continue working here in Amman and hopes to collaborate with you in one way or the other. 

To learn more about Neurogarden visit their website.