JoDealz Accelerating the Online World

December 16, 2021

As convenience becomes more important in our fast-paced society, consumer needs in online shopping are increasing while the need for quick offline shopping is expanding. JoDealz tries to meet both the needs by linking local vendors with an omnichannel platform that is more immersive, realistic, and accessible.

JoDealz was one of several startups that was supported through the Heart of Amman, UNDP Jordan’s flagship programme generously funded by the Government of Japan.

JoDealz is  a platform; website and application, that is specialized in selling all kinds of fashion items, including clothing, shoes, and accessories, at reasonable and affordable prices. JoDealz provides all kinds of fashion items, and these include; clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.

JoDealz offers a model that supports the local fashion industry by connecting shoppers to local markets and designers through a digital platform. Therefore, the platform provided a positive impact on local communities and markets in Amman as it boosted job creation.

JoDealz was established in the year 2018 based on Al Dweik’s working experience in UAE.

“I had worked in UAE for one year until 2017 and the experience changed my perspective on the fast-paced world of e-commerce.”

The use of technology was inspiring, and people there used global e-commerce platforms more than local online platforms or local shops. The e-commerce platforms they purchased fashion items from had created a distance between shoppers and local shops as customers could be spending money on businesses in different cities and countries instead of shopping locally. Hence, this is when Al Dweik decided to establish JoDealz  because he wanted to promote customers to shop more locally by connecting them with local shops.

“Our core value is to build a well-connected ecosystem that links local shoppers with local shops through local e-commerce platforms”,  Al Dweik states.

Thanks to the support provided by the Government of Japan and UNDP, Al Dweik was enabled to increase customer engagement, register the company, register for a social security programme, develop our website and digital marketing plan, purchase a computer, solve some IT issues, and more.

The support pushed him not only to find and offer an e-commerce solution, but also to raise awareness about e-commerce and grow its culture locally. JoDealz’ future plan is to provide unique online and offline retail experience for their shoppers by providing them with an option of seeing, touching, and trying on clothes as part of their customer engagement and experience.

"Our current dream is to ensure a personalized and quality shopping experience focused on the needs of our customers by bringing stores to shoppers. These services include; cash on delivery, visa on delivery, trying out the fashion items before purchasing them, and so on", Abdalhady mentions.

JoDealz is connected to more than 30,000 customers currently, and receives orders that reach up to 500-600 per month.

"The transactions and orders have been increasing and we are very happy about that", says the founder of JoDealz.

It is always important to be practical and able to adapt to new changes. E-commerce is a fast-paced industry that is changing day by day and adapting every minute to the consumers’ behavior and the diverse economic realities of different countries.

JoDeals believes that their practicality and ability to adapt to major and minor changes sustain all the trust they built with their customers. They aim to facilitate online shopping and make it as convenient as possible.

“E-commerce is all about building healthy relationships with others and working to sustain these relationships through trust and consistency, one interaction at a time. It is all about the digital connection built with a customer to form a lasting bond, which helps them to shop more”, Abdalhady shares.

It is always important to connect dots between different sides of the ecosystem. Social entrepreneurs should do more than just create ideas. But They should invest time in redesigning functions and creating values in a user-centric way.

Al Dweik also stated, “it is also helpful to put our thoughts together and mobilize individuals to create maximum impact for the local communities and industries”.

JoDealz is a noteworthy example of a startup that is building impact and promoting entrepreneurship regionally. The founder, Abdalhady Al Dweik, is eager to share his knowledge and expertise with others and is reachable and very approachable through several social media platforms.

Know more about JoDealz through their webiste