Support to Youth and Education, and the Vital Role of the Private Sector, Key Areas Discussed by Assistant administrator, Usha Rao-Monari during her visit to Jordan

July 31, 2022

Associate Administrator, Usha Rao-Monari meeting with Jordanian youth

UNDP Jordan

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) Assistant Administrator, Usha Rao-Monari has returned from a four-days visit to Amman, Jordan, where she attended the Regional High-Level Forum on Young People’s Learning, Skilling, Social Inclusion and Transition to Decent Work, and met with government officials, local communities, private sector representatives, development partners and members of the United Nations in Jordan.

Rao-Monari’s visit focused on development challenges and opportunities in Jordan and explored UNDP’s role in supporting development and reform efforts, and in strengthening partnerships with national institutions, the private sector, UN and international partners.

UNDP has operated in Jordan for over 45 years and works across the country to assist Jordanians and refugees to meet their most urgent needs, contribute to sustainable development and bring about real change in people’s lives. While the challenges Jordan faces are unpredictable, UNDP is strategically positioned to provide support on policy coherence and dialogue through mainstreaming the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other priorities across national and local development plans and strategies.

In meeting with Jordan’s Minister of Water and Irrigation, H.E. Eng. Raed Muzaffar Abu Al-Saud, Rao-Monari highlighted collaboration opportunities between UNDP and the ministry to advance SDG implementation, particularly the goal on clean water and sanitation for all (SDG 6).

“Addressing the effects of climate change on the fragile water resources will require effective coordination between countries in the region and exchange of climate data and technical experiences. UNDP is well-positioned to advance this approach through South-South Cooperation”, said. Rao Monari.

Another critical area is youth empowerment, as Jordan has one of the youngest populations in the world with 63 percent under the age of 30.

“The current wave of technological change has the potential to strengthen the abilities and productivity of workers, including young people, at all skill levels and create new and more flexible ways of participating in the workforce, strengthening inclusivity and social cohesion in the process,” said the Associate Administrator at the Regional High-Level Forum on Young People’s Learning, Skilling, Social Inclusion and Transition to Decent Work.

“But this potential can only be unlocked if countries make the right investments in education, upskilling and reskilling large cohorts of the population and designing a labour policy fit for the 21st century Young people have a crucial role to play in this sense, said the Associate Administrator at the Regional High-Level Forum on Young People’s Learning, Skilling, Social Inclusion and Transition to Decent Work.”

Collaboration with the private sector was a third critical theme of the visit and impact investment has emerged as one of UNDP’s focus areas in the Arab States region. In Amman, Ms. Rao-Monari launched the report “Seeds of Impact”, a joint initiative of Beyond Capital and UNDP which showcases the sustainability journey of funds and businesses that drive social and environmental impact in Jordan, while generating profit.

To further strengthen partnerships for stronger development impact, the Associate Administrator thanked partners for providing support to UNDP Jordan in a meeting with Ambassadors and International Development organisations and highlighted the work on women’s economic empowerment, financing for development and mitigation of the Syrian crises on host communities.

Ms. Rao-Monari also met with the Heart of Amman Programme partners, which works to build inclusive societies by promoting social cohesion and citizen participation and facilitating broad stakeholder engagement in development.

Concluding the visit, Ms. Rao-Monari met H.E. Mr. Nasser Shraideh, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, to express appreciation for the strong partnership, reiterating UNDP’s commitment to support the government’s vision and efforts on political and economic reforms, including efforts to Leave No One Behind, decentralization and local economic development.