Interview with a young social entrepreneur, promoting DX of Democracy: Lessons learned from Youth Co:Lab Summit 2022 in Singapore

株式会社Liquitous 栗本拓幸さん



Mr. Hiroyuki Kurimoto, the Excellence Award winner of Youth Co:Lab's SDGs business contest "Social Innovation Challenge" Japan 2021 was featured in Drive, a web magazine published by ETIC., a Japanese non-profit organization that has supported entrepreneurs for more than 20 years. 

Mr. Kurimoto is currently a university student and CEO of   Liquitous, Inc. . Under the theme of “DX (digital transformation) of democracy, he works on developing and operating a unique participatory consensus-building platform “Liqlid”. 

In the interview, Mr. Kurimoto shared his discovery and changes after winning the Excellence Award at the Social Innovation Challenge Japan as well as the lessons learned and sense of urgency he felt at the Youth Co:Lab Summit 2022 in Singapore, to which he was invited last July.  

Please check out the interview on Drive in English and Japanese

What is the Social Innovation Challenge Japan?
Social Innovation Challenge Japan 2022 is a business idea contest where selected teams will pitch and showcase their SDG-focused business models and ideas to a panel of esteemed judges. The individuals and teams who passed the screening process will pitch their solutions at the “Social Innovation Challenge Japan 2022.” Winners from the Japan contest will have the opportunity to join the Springboard Programme and the top teams who participated in the Springboard programme will be able to showcase their businesses during the Youth Co:Lab Regional Summit which will take place in Spring 2023.