Yasser's Green Vision: Where Passion Blooms Beyond Sight

January 21, 2024


This story is one of aspiration and hope despite what seems to be insurmountable physical limitations. This is Yasser Hammad’s story. He is a government employee who was forever changed by an explosion that took his the majority of his sight away. Yet, despite all odds, he managed to find solace and purpose in the world of green spaces. 


What Yasser could not see with his physical eyes, he saw with his mind.  Amidst cityscapes, he envisioned an opportunity - a chance to transform concrete jungles in his city into vibrant havens that were sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

"Yasser's understanding of the unseen beauty fuels his drive to improve his surroundings, and his convinction and passion for doing so is unwavering," said the Director of Habbaniyah Municipality’s Directorate Office.


He goes on to say, "Yasser's insight and understanding of the hidden aspects of things have motivated him to contribute to the betterment of his surroundings. Despite encountering difficulties due to his visual impairment, Yasser has managed to carve a path to make a positive impact."  

UNDP partnered with Yasser and many others through a training focused on the beautification of parks, gardens, and combating desertification. This UNDP supported training was his turning point. 

 "My knowledge and passion soared after the training,” he says, his voice ignited by newfound zeal for a greener future. “I found hope again.



Yasser's advocacy extends beyond personal growth; he actively encourages colleagues and friends to join efforts in afforestation. Afforestation is when new trees are planted or seeds are sown in an area where there were no trees before, creating a new forest.  

He firmly believes that such initiatives not only benefit the environment but also play a pivotal role in promoting good health. Learning about the positive impact of afforestation on increasing cleaner air and its contribution to the aesthetic enhancement of gardens, regions, and cities has spurred Yasser to keep pursuing his dreams.  

“I may not have all of my vision, but I feel like I can see more now, as my mind sees the infinite possibilities of the beauty I can create. I am grateful for this training provided by UNDP,” Yasser goes on to say.  

Athraa Al-Ani, UNDP - Funding Facility for Stabilization training coordinator, underscores the vital role of the United Nations Development Program in fostering inclusivity. By actively promoting the participation of individuals with disabilities in capacity-building training programs, UNDP recognizes the importance of equal opportunities for all, irrespective of their abilities. 


Yasser Hammad's journey is an inspiring narrative of resilience, determination, and the profound impact of insight in contributing to a greener, healthier world.