Iraqis sharing their vision for the future of climate in Iraq

December 21, 2020

The UNDP Accelerator Labs in Iraq launched The Future of Climate Exhibition to grasp the aspirations of Iraqis towards climate actions in cooperation with The Station.  Talented Iraqis across the country shared their vision for the future of climate in Iraq through art works. The artworks were categorized into: Digital Art, Fine Art and Children Art. Here are some of their artworks:

Charming stars and pollutants – Nabaa Hussein Ali

Winner/ Digital Art Category

This painting is a simulation of the famous artwork of Van Gogh's, clear sky full of stars at night; depicting the effect of green gases on Iraq’s clear sky. Nabaa foresees that this amount of the pollution will make it impossible for us to see the stars at night in the future. 

They are killing me – Hussein Ali Hasan

Winner/ Fine Art Category

This painting uses the resemblance of dying palm trees and red sun to draw a future image of the negative effect of. eradication of the palm trees in Iraq. Hussien’s forecast the effect of replacing the green areas with buildings, without taking into consideration that this specific tree represents the history of Iraq. In the future, this will lead to desertification and increased heat rate day after day.

Environment – Elen Nasr

Winner/ Children Art Category

This painting speaks about the negligence of natural resources, especially water pollution in Iraq’s revers. Elen, sees n the future dirty rivers with different kind of waste dumped in them. In the future, this will lead to limited water resources and affect human health.  

Dijlh the prosperous – Hasan Jabir

Participants/ Fine Art Category

This artwork focuses on the beauty and power of the river “Dijlh” just like the Iraqi women, always strong and beautiful despite all the challenges they face. Hasan foresees a bright future in Iraq, in it Dijila river is prosperous and filled with pure water and fishes, nurtured by Iraqi women. 

Our courageous represented in our culture – Ibtihal Jamal

Participants/ Digital Art work Catgeory

This digital artwork represnt the culture of Iraq through palm trees, as the date palm has always referred to our antecedents. The old man in represents Iraq while the tree refers to the good in human beings. Ibthal foresees a future in which the old man looks tired from all the wars he has endured but is still carrying his culture and looking for a better improved environment to restore the ancient hanging gardens we once had.

Ali Salem AlFarhan – Interactive recycling center

Participants/ Digital Art work Catgeory

the Interactive recycling center aims to raise the community awareness on the importance of recycling to save the planet.

Alladin Mohammed Khadim – Darkness

Participants/ Fine Art Category

Wars, bombs and burning the gas in the oil fields have increased the pollution rate in Iraq, the horse refers to the history of Iraq while the rider refers to the bad usage of Iraq's resources which have led to affecting the climate in the country and the world.

Zahraa Hasanen – Solar Energy

Participants/ Children Art Catgeory

Using the clean energy to reduce the pollution rate and stop the climate change.


Zainab Ali – Climate Change

Participants/ Children Art Catgeory

How to transform the deserts into green areas.