Reintegration Perception Surveys Report

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Reintegration Perception Surveys Report

March 26, 2023

This report analyzes the results of a community perceptions survey conducted by UNDP Iraq in June and July 2022. The report’s methodology utilizes a random sample of 399 residents across four communities where UNDP is implementing the Community-based Reconciliation and Reintegration in Iraq (C2RI) project: Qaim and Habaniyah in the western province of Anbar, Muhalabiya in the northern province of Ninewa, and Tuz Khurmato in the north-central province of Salah al-Din.

This report is a follow-up to an initial perception surveys report published in August 2021 and available here.

Launched in 2020, UNDP Iraq’s Community-based Reconciliation and Reintegration in Iraq (C2RI) project aims to facilitate the return and reintegration of perceived ISIL-affiliated families in Ninewa, Salah al-Din and Anbar governorates. The project works to strengthen community readiness to accept the return of these families through dialogue, reconciliation, and mediation sessions, and assess the needs of returnees, further including the development of peace agreements to secure returns, and provision of psychosocial support, programmes to Prevent Violent Extremism and support livelihoods, and rehabilitation of infrastructure projects for both the returnees and return communities.  The project is built on the UN Iraq joint approach for community-based reconciliation and reintegration of persons perceived to be affiliated with ISIL/Da’esh in Iraq.