Anbari Women receive a boost in livelihoods support from UNDP, the Embassy of Japan and Technostar sponsored by Brother International

March 28, 2024


Baghdad, 28, March 2024 - UNDP and the Japanese Embassy in Iraq celebrate the delivery of 100 sewing machines, a significant step towards supporting stable livelihoods for women. Donated through Technostar Ltd. representing Brother Int. Ltd, this initiative underscores the commitment to fostering stability and prosperity in post-conflict areas across the country.

Supporting livelihoods, rebuilding lives 

Technostar Ltd. Sponsored by Brother Int. Ltd, is donating 100 modern sewing machines to support the livelihoods of women in Ramadi. These women have received training at the vocational training centre, facilitated by UNDP, which has trained hundreds of women. This vital support aims to bolster the women's efforts to become self-reliant and rebuild their lives and finances, which have been affected by the conflict.

“Iraq is turning a new page as it enters into an era of transformative development. nonetheless, both the Government of Japan and UNDP, are here to support the country, as it enters this new chapter. And what better way to do this than supporting the courageous women through the provision of livelihoods’ support and training provided through this programme, “said Auke Lootsma, UNDP Resident Representative in Iraq.  

This donation is a part of a broader series of contributions by donors to the region. In Anbar, livelihoods support and training in sewing has been a huge help to the community, allowing women to learn a trade whilst earning a living, as formerly occupied communities continue to rebuild their lives one step a time. 

Today, Technostar the leading provider of technology solutions in Iraq, is giving 100 Brother sewing machines towards the empowerment of women and their families, helping them build sustainable livelihoods.   

“As a promoter of the concept of human security, we believe that stability and development of the society cannot be realized without ensuring the empowerment and protection of the most vulnerable individuals such as IDPs[1]. As a part of the efforts to materialize such an idea, the Government of Japan has provided vocational training, particularly to the women in partnership with the UNDP,” said H.E. Japanese Ambassador Futoshi Matsumoto. 

UNDP and Government of Japan’s support to peace-building 

At the request of the Iraqi government and international partners, the UNDP has engaged in several critical projects to facilitate the return of internally displaced Iraqis, laying the groundwork for reconstruction and mitigating the risk of violence and extremism.  

The Programme adopts an integrated approach, promoting sustainable livelihoods and employment opportunities by rehabilitating infrastructure in productive and industrial sectors, contributing to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8. 

The donation of these sewing machines represents a tangible investment in the future of Iraq's liberated areas, providing women with the tools they need to build stable and prosperous lives. 

Through collaborative efforts and sustained support from the international community, Iraq moves closer to realizing lasting stability and prosperity for all its citizens. 

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