Integrated Reconciliation Project

Title: Integrated Reconciliation Project
Status: Ongoing
Duration: 2017-2021
Budget: $US7.3 million
Coverage: National
SDG: SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
Partners: The Governments of Iraq and Kurdistan Region

Programme Summary

The Integrated Reconciliation Project (IRP) supports a national agenda for long-term reconciliation by creating infrastructure to promote peace within communities, focusing on the most vulnerable communities and minorities in Iraq. The IRP creates and strengthens community social cohesion mechanisms, providing socio-economic support services, reinforcing civil society capacities, and bolstering national systems to effectively coordinate and plan social cohesion and reconciliation efforts in Iraq.

Members of a Youth Group in Diyala created and launched the #tolerance_instead of violence anti-GBV campaign, which was been shared by over sixty social media platforms in Iraq, including local news agencies, government officials, social media influencers, and non-governmental organizations.

What we have achieved so far

  • Developed mechanisms for community consultation and dialogue, including 28 Local Peace Committees.

  • Reached over 100,000 beneficiaries with support during COVID-19 in the form of food and hygiene packages, awareness material, and public space sanitization through support to Local Peace Committees and with local partners.

  • Established 4 “Youth for Peace” Groups and 3 “Women for Peace” groups who implemented 27 initiatives in 2020, reaching over 11,000 beneficiaries.

  • Trained 659 social workers to provide psychosocial support and treatment for victims of violence in conflict settings.

  • Held six roundtable discussions in Baghdad, Mosul, Nineveh Plains, Sulaymaniyah, Diyala and Duhok with youth and social media influencers to discuss digital campaigns advocating for reconciliation and peaceful coexistence.

  • Nationwide social media campaigns and competitions to facilitate discussion on social cohesion and unity in Iraq.