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Green Commodities

Our partners


Our partners are our greatest assets. They are leaders in their sectors, who are ready to cut across the silos of the food production and supply chains in order to contribute to the wellbeing of local communities and our planet.

Since we launched the UNDP Green Commodities Programme in 2009, we have established an array of partnerships with major public and private stakeholders involved in specific commodity sectors. The strength of these partnerships means we are able to identify disagreement and find consensus on issues that concern the world.


Global Partners

At the global level, we partner with major multinational companies, donor governments and other UN Agencies and programmes.

National Partners

At the national level, we act as a neutral broker between governmental institutions, private companies, grass-root organizations and scientific institutions with a stake in specific commodity value chains.

Civil Society

Our collaboration with civil society groups is manifold and mutual. We share sector knowledge and best practices and we help each other to establish strategic connections with private companies and government institutions.

Who have we worked with