The United Nations in Ghana has launched a project to address armed violence and illicit small arms

June 5, 2024

Samuel Williams Yeboah, Executive Secretary of Small Arms Ghana, and the Deputy Resident Representative of UNDP in Ghana signing an MOU for the Salient project

@Ernestina Ocansey/ UNDP Ghana

The United Nations in Ghana has launched the SALIENT Fund to address armed violence and illicit arms proliferation in Ghana. This fund falls under the Peace building fund and aims to contribute to sustainable security and development through comprehensive approaches.

Within the United Nations, more than twenty entities deal with the problems posed by the proliferation of illicit small arms in a variety of contexts, including arms regulation, human rights, counter-terrorism, peacekeeping, humanitarian aid, aviation safety, economic development, refugees, public health, organized crime, gender and children’s rights. The SALIENT fund responds to this multi-faceted challenge by addressing root causes of armed violence and supporting arms control measures.

“The SALIENT project has come at a right time for us to work together to build robust strategy to safeguard sustainable development gains & address the menace of small arms proliferation to achieve lasting peace and security”, noted Charles Abani, the UN in Ghana Resident Coordinator.

Charles Abani, the UN Resident Coordinator in Ghana, delivering his remarks

@Ernestina Ocansey/ UNDP Ghana

This project co-led by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with a secondary reporting line to UNODA, fulfils an advisory role and makes recommendations for the fund’s trajectory.

“UNDP will continue to form meaningful synergies with partners to support the government of Ghana to enhance security, promote peace and prevent illicit arms proliferation to create a safe society for all” noted Sukhrob Khoshmukhamedov, Deputy Residence Representative, UNDP Ghana.

Sukhrob Khoshmukhamedov, Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP Ghana, delivering his speech

@Ernestina Ocansey/ UNDP Ghana

The fund aligns with international commitments such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) designation of small arms control under official development assistance, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDG 16.4), and the UN Programme of Action on small arms and light weapons with support from countries including France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, and Switzerland channeling at least 30% of its resources to gender-related activities, reflecting its commitment to gender equality.

“The SALIENT project holds great significance for the future of peace & democracy in Ghana & beyond. Its efforts to foster peace, promote development, and combat the illegal acquisition of small arms and light weapons is very critical”, noted Samuel Williams Yeboah Executive Secretary of Small Arms Ghana.

This initiative is positioned to achieve significant strides in fostering enduring peace and security.

A group photo captured at the Salient project inception.

@Ernestina Ocansey/ UNDP Ghana