Promoting youth participation for the SDG

March 9, 2023

UNDP Ethiopia's Deputy Resident Representative for Programmes, Mr Cleophas O.Torori, has engaged with members of the African UN Youth Delegates from Ethiopia. 

The week-long workshop was organised by the United Nations Association of Ethiopia for youth selected this year from a public call-out, networks in universities and social media campaign.  

Mr Torori shared his decades of regional and international experience in the UN system, working for UNDP in East and West Africa.  

His brief presentation highlighted the importance of engaging youth to meet the SDGs. He further showcased how the concept of youth participation, and support for the country to meet the SDGs, materialized in the various UNDP programs in Ethiopia through a strong commitment and investment in innovation and entrepreneurship, peacebuilding, governance, and environment.  

In his final submission, Mr Torori encouraged the youth delegates to explore the massive opportunities to unlock their potential and innovate, increase their participation and representation, and demonstrate an active role in national development agendas. 

About the African UN Youth Delegate Program

The African UN Youth Delegate Training Program aims to help 120 Youths from Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia to develop the necessary skills and knowledge and actively engage in the future and development of their countries. The programme will support participatory and civil discourse among the youth and increase regional cooperation between the youth of the six participating countries. Furthermore, the programme will establish or further expand organisational structures for UN work.

The training seeks to strengthen the knowledge of the youth on UN processes and how they can formulate and lobby for their interests and rights on the international and domestic stages. It also prepares the youth to champion a global rule-based system and democratic ideals in their countries and improve the visibility of the East African youth in public administration and the diplomatic sphere through participation in international bodies such as the UN and other global and regional entities.