Funding Windows supports communities rebuild after conflict

January 29, 2024

Resources from the Funding Windows is being utilised in UNDP's peace support programme in northern Ethiopia that is initally targeting 13 woredas (districts) in Afar, Amhara and Tigray regions.

The programme focused on helping rehabilitate public structures damaged during the two-year northern Ethiopia conflict to enhance the resumption of social services to 63,581 people in the three regions.

In addition to government offices, this has included the rehabilitation of police stations and courts, as well as schools. 24,834 students (12,061 female) have benefited from the renovated schools, 45,000 patients have benefited from the work done on hospitals, and 6,520 people now have access to clean water.

Peace committees, comprising members drawn from a cross-section of the community, were also established and trained to promote dialogue in the communities. Free legal aid is now available in five of the woredas, with 1,600 people accessing consultation and guidance to help with their cases. 

The free legal aid is also helping communities feel safer, with almost 750 (428 female) noting during community peace dialogues that they now feel safe moving around their areas. Public sector staff also received training for public sector staff on peacebuilding, rule of law and conflict prevention to complement other ongoing initiatives.

Both community members and public sector staff have accessed phsychosocial services to help them to resume their daily lives better equipped to deal with post conflict trauma.

Livelihood support, including income generating activities, is being provided to communities, 60 percent of whom are female, including 444 IDP households, who are trying to rebuild their lives following the conflict. 412 MSMEs have received training and 644 have received cash grants to help them recover.