Eritrea Abridged MDG Report


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Eritrea Abridged MDG Report

November 5, 2014

Executive Summary

Eritrea has a positive and unique story to tell about health related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Eritrea was one of the few countries expected to achieve the MDGs in health. As expected, Eritrea has now achieved all the three health MDGs namely MDG-4, reduce child mortality, MDG-5 improve maternal health and MDG-6 combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. 

Based on the latest data available and through an analysis of the trends of the eight MDGs, as well as the current supportive policy and political environment in Eritrea, this report tells the Eritrean experience in achieving MDGs 4, 5, 6. Specifically, this report highlights innovations, best practices, as well as challenges and bottlenecks that need to overcome in order to sustain the gains achieved thus far.

Regions and Countries