Fostering aspiration with the new Massawa Workers Vocational Training Center Cisco Academy

CISCO-networking academy training programme was accomplished successfully by the National Confederation of Eritrean workers (NCEW) in collaboration with the UNDP Eritrea Country office and Cisco.

February 8, 2023
©UNDP Eritrea Monica M.

In line with its improvement-oriented innovation vision, UNDP was engaged in creating a partnership with Cisco and the National Confederation of Eritrean Workers (NCEW), conforming to its Corporate Social Responsibility to support initiating the timely and valuable Cisco IT and networking certification training that would enhance the connectivity of the country’s development institution free of charge.

This initiative was triggered thanks to the Massawa Workers’ Vocational Training Centre (MWVTC) teachers` exchange visit sponsored by the UNDP to Rwanda and Uganda on 09-12 March 2020, where the value of Cisco training was recognized.

Furthermore, the fostering aspiration of the MWVTC to acquire such an advanced technological skill was realized by enrolling six of its teachers in the CISCO distance learning academy. The UNDP Eritrea office partnered with the NCEW to sponsor the training, launched on July 26th, 2021.

The MWVTC has now been equipped with competent instructors required to establish its own CISCO network academy; therefore, the NCEW-MWVTC re-established the academy under the name of “Massawa Workers Vocational Training Center Cisco Academy.”

The establishment of the Cisco Network academy requires qualified instructors trained and certified in the Cisco networking program.

Therefore, training was arranged for six Instructors of MWVTC and included the following courses:

1. ITE (IT Essentials)

2. CCNA v7 (Cisco Certified Network Assistant)

3. DevNet Associate

4. CyberOps Associate

The six instructors who participated in the CISCO courses have had prior qualifications as engineers graduating from the Mai Nefhi Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT). Out of the six instructors who took the CISCO CCNA courses, four passed, one deferred the exam for technical reasons, and one failed the certification exam. Nonetheless, the undertaking was generally a successful endeavor.

It is to be recalled that the Massawa Workers Vocational Training Center has seven available workshops, namely Electricity, Electronics, Woodwork, Metal Work, Computer Application, Computer Networking, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC-R). 

The Cisco Network Academy, established, adds value to the Massawa Workers Vocational training by providing the center the opportunity to connect to the world with its workshops.

Furthermore, the Cisco Network Academy excels in creating a new learning platform for Eritrean youth with its capabilities to train people in many different aspects of Computer Technology (Networking) and empower youth to become competent professionals in the global job market.

Aside from partnering with the NCEW in providing CISCO training, UNDP and Cisco also played a vital role in establishing the Massawa Workers Vocational Training Center cisco academy by providing equipment and other necessary facilities that strengthened its capacity.

Dedication and hardworking have been critical components invested so far for the advancement of the Massawa Workers Vocational Training Center.

The management and staff of the MWVTC expressed their deep appreciation for the support and consultations accorded by the UNDP leadership and staff, as well as the relentless contribution and support made by CISCO’s Global Account Director, Mr. David A. Andemicael.