Supporting the economic transformation for sustainable production and consumption patterns towards a circular economy, carbon neutral, toxic-free, zero pollution and zero-waste society.

What we do

The UNDP Chemicals and Waste Hub is a network of partners that work alongside countries to support the transformation towards sound management of chemicals to underpin sustainable human development and the shift to circular economy. The Hub also supports the development, testing and uptake of sustainable cooling solutions.

Chemicals are critical to the manufacture of many products and protection of human health and play an important role in the economy. However, without good management practices, chemicals and their hazardous wastes can pose significant risks to the environment and human health. The poorest members of the global community face higher risks. Sound chemical and waste management could reduce the risks of exposure to hazardous chemicals and protect human health and environment. The sound management of chemicals and wastes is an important component of UNDP’s efforts to achieve sustainable, inclusive, and resilient human development and Sustainable Development Goals.

Cooling is essential to human health, food security, economic productivity, and is becoming more important due to increasing global mean temperatures accompanied by more extreme heat waves. UNDP supports the efforts to mitigate the global warming impact of cooling by enhancing clean energy access, transitioning to low global warning potential (GWP) refrigerants, increasing energy efficiency of cooling units, and developing and promoting integrated cooling and heating solutions coupled with renewable energy. 

Our Impact


metric tonnes of toxic chemicals reduced annually


metric tonnes of toxic chemicals reduced cumulatively


grams of toxic equivalent reduced or avoided from release into the air cumulatively


ODP tonnes of ozone depleting substances eliminated


tonnes of CO2-equivalent greenhouse gas (HCFCs) emissions avoided in 2022


countries ratified the Kigali Amendment with UNDP's support