Non_Timber Veldt Products in Botswana


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Non_Timber Veldt Products in Botswana

May 24, 2021

Botswana is a country with a remarkable bio-diversity of plants, insects and mammals. Some of this species are playing an essential role to sustain livelihoods of the rural population. The utilization of plants and animals from the range lands has been an ongoing process since numerous generations. The “Veld” is providing people with a variety of every day necessities like fuel, essential nutrients, medicine and raw materials for building and crafting. Estimations assume that up to 50 different species (without fuel wood species) are currently contributing to livelihoods in Botswana. But the potential of probably many others is still not yet discovered. Until some decades ago this customary use was adapted to the natural regeneration of the veld, mainly due to lower population densities and a traditional knowledge of a natural balance and could therefore be regarded as sustainable.