The Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme Country Programme Strategy For Operational Phase 7

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The Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme Country Programme Strategy For Operational Phase 7

May 17, 2022

The Global Environment Facility GEF Small Grants Programme (SGP), as a corporate programme of the GEF implemented by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) aligns its Operational Phase strategies with those of the GEF and co-financing partners, and provides a global portfolio of innovative, inclusive, and impactful projects that address global environmental and sustainable development issues. Action at the local level by civil society and community-based organizations, including women groups, indigenous peoples, youth, and persons with disabilities is recognized essential to form multi-stakeholder alliances to deliver global environmental benefits and contribute to the GEF-7 Programming Directions, UNDP’s Strategic Plan 2018-2021, and national priorities to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and other international commitments. Specifically, at the national level, the Programme is aligned to Botswana’s Vision 2036 Pillars of (a) sustainable economic development; (b) human and social development; (c) sustainable environment. It is also aligned to the National Development Plan (NDP) 11 strategic broad-based national priorities of; social development and sustainable use of natural resources aimed at eradication of poverty through provision of opportunities for the poor to have sustainable livelihoods. Through the OP7 strategic initiatives, the Programme will contribute towards attainment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Framework (UNSDF) 2017-2021 Outcome 2 on supporting Botswana to fully implement policies and programmes towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals targets and national aspirations. It also contributes to UNDP Country Programme Document (CPD) 2017-2021 output 2.1. on enhanced national capacities to implement integrated policies, strategies, and programmes for sustainable development (economy and environment).
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