UNDP provides technical support to meet energy needs for 200 biogas beneficiaries

March 18, 2021

Biogas project management team with trainee masons

Pigs at Ms. Phatsimo Mmifinyana's farm

Ms. Phatsimo Mmifinyana demonstrating how the biogas stove works

UNDP recently toured training sites in Kweneng district where 38 biogas masons are being trained to facilitate the rollout of 200 biogas digesters in the country that are supported by UNDP Botswana. The UNDP Biogas project manager, Ludo Moroka said the training follows call for applications that sought to construct 200 small scale biogas digesters on a first come first serve basis starting

The project has engaged an individual consultant to provide expertise on the ongoing training. The project also engaged thirteen (13) masons who graduated last year to serve as assistants in the ongoing training at 20 different sites. It is expected that the project will deliver one hundred and seventy more digesters after the ongoing training and promote uptake of biogas across the country

Ms. Phatsimo Mmifinyana who benefited from the project in 2020 was excited that the biogas at her farm produces enough energy to cook for the family and to support her farming enterprises through heating and provision of light. She said before they installed a biogas digester, they used to travel long distance, exceeding twenty kilometres to collect firewood to survive. Phatsimo keeps different types of poultry and pigs at her farm in Kweneng district.

Ms. Ludo Moroka, BioGas Project Manager a.i.

The Government of Botswana in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are implementing a project called “Promoting production and utilization of Biogas from Agro-waste in South-Eastern Botswana (Biogas Project)”.  This follows the realization that waste has not been taken as a resource in the country and this waste could be used for other uses. The reuse of waste to generate energy is an opportunity that Botswana must tap into for future use.  Several waste streams are available in various agro-industrial facilities which can be utilized for generation of energy. Some of the agro-waste for consideration in bio-gas production include chicken manure, cow dung and goat/sheep droppings.

Ms. Phatsimo Mmifinyana