From Vulnerability to Resilience: Parul Yasmin's Triumph

Turning the Tides: How Parul Yasmin Overcame Adversity to Inspire a Community

August 27, 2023

Parul Yasmin: From the ashes of adversity, she rose to illuminate a path for many.

At just 30, Parul Yasmin faced numerous trials in life. Married off during her 8th-grade studies, she had to advocate for her continued education. Yet, her spirit was truly tested when Cyclone Foni in 2019 robbed her of her home near the Brahmaputra River, forcing her to rebuild her life from scratch in Chilmari Upazila.

With no stable source of income and a family to support, Parul turned to growing vegetables and rearing ducks and chickens. Her life took a significant turn when she became a beneficiary of a Community Resilience Fund (CRF) in her ward. This grant of 30,000/- became her steppingstone into entrepreneurship. Prudently investing in 3 sheep, she quickly expanded her herd. The profits she garnered laid the foundation for a brave new venture—a healthcare shop in a village where even discussing menstrual hygiene was taboo.

Parul's Oasis: A beacon of healthcare and empowerment in the heart of the village

Facing initial resistance, Parul's determination paid off as the community slowly embraced the essential services she offered, particularly benefiting adolescent girls. The support from LoGIC, especially the provision of an android phone, bolstered her business. With time, Parul also ventured into agriculture, leasing land and selling vegetables to further stabilize her income.

Reflecting on her journey, Parul states, “From being viewed as the 'Beyadop Meye' to the respected 'Priyo Parul Apa,' my journey, aided by LoGIC, has been incredible. Starting with just three sheep and now managing vast fields and vegetable farming, my aim has always been to inspire village women to challenge societal norms.”

Despite the relentless climatic challenges of Kurigram, Parul's resilience shines through. With the right support and her indomitable spirit, she not only transformed her life but also became an inspiration for many in her community.

Rising from Ruins to Radiance: Discover the Inspiring Journey of Parul Yasmin - A testament to the power of resilience and community support!