K4DM Provides Protective Gear to ERD

June 11, 2020

Keeping in line with the government guidelines, public offices have resumed function on an alternative modality basis since June 1. 

The Knowledge for Development Management (K4DM) Project team has returned to the physical workspace while ensuring all safety directives set by UNDP and the government.

It has come forward to make its home – Economic Relations Division safer by providing protective gear including masks, gloves and hand sanitiser to cleaners, office assistants, UN Wing officials and the Secretary’s office. A total of 350 people received protective gear, which includes more than 50 cleaners and 100 office assistants.

The project has also installed 200 hand sanitiser dispensers in all buildings within the compound and arranged 5 litres of sanitiser for each dispenser, along with 500 awareness-raising posters showing the proper disinfection method.

This will ensure that front-line workers and government officials within Planning Commission are protected, thereby ensuring the safety of everyone working in the compound during the COVID-19 crisis.