UNDP and China to enhance the livelihood opportunities for urban poor

Seams of Hope: UNDP-China Partnership Bolsters Economic Empowerment in Dhaka's Urban Communities

November 13, 2023

Unity in Action: UNDP's Stefan Liller and Chinese Delegate Listen Intently as Dhaka's Mayor Articulates Visions for Urban Empowerment

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To enhance livelihood opportunities and address economic challenges, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Bangladesh, in association with the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, organised a community handover event on November 13th, 2023, at Beder Bosti, Korail Community, Banani and distributed 1,425 Automated Sewing Machines.

The event was part of the China-UNDP Triangular and South-South Cooperation Project on Strengthening Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) related Manufacturing Capacity in Asia and the Pacific Region.

Mr Atiqul Islam, Mayor, Dhaka North City Corporation, H.E Yao Wen, Ambassador of China to Bangladesh; and Mr Stefan Liller, Resident Representative, UNDP Bangladesh, were present during the distribution.

Addressing the local community, Mayor Atiqul Islam said,  “Giving the urban poor, particularly women, the tools and skills they need to improve their livelihoods, we can create a city where no one is left behind, and everyone is uplifted. As the Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation, I find it encouraging to see the work of UNDP and China are doing to bring the poor out of poverty.”

Yao Wen, Ambassador of China to Bangladesh, in his remarks, said, “I am happy to witness the positive impact of the China-UNDP collaboration in empowering vulnerable communities. The distribution of these automated sewing machines is much more than a simple handover; it is a symbol of our collective commitment to not only building the resilience of those in the greatest need but also fostering sustainable development in a practical and meaningful way, in partnership with UNDP.”

"China has been a valuable partner in supporting the UNDP's global efforts. As one of our top 20 supporters, China's contributions have enabled us to operate in 170 countries worldwide. We appreciate China's support, not only in our work with China itself but also in various countries through south-south cooperation mechanisms, which involve expertise and funding to promote economic empowerment and skill development like today at this distribution of automated sewing machines for the urban poor community mainly women. We are grateful for their ongoing collaboration," said Stefan Liller, UNDP Bangladesh Resident Representative.

Empowerment in Their Hands: Community Members Receive Sewing Machines, Marking a New Chapter in their Livelihood Journey

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UNDP is supporting 1,245 individuals and six cooperatives by providing a total of 1,425 automated sewing machines received from China. These machines, coupled with skill-enhancement training, aim to encourage entrepreneurship and readiness for job opportunities in the ready-made garment sector.

The women from the urban poor community who received the automated sewing machines expressed hope that they would be able to fulfil their aspirations and ensure their safety.

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Empowering Urban Poor: UNDP and China's Sewing Machine Distribution Marks a Leap Towards Sustainable Livelihoods and Skilled Empowerment