YouTube Creators for Change

YouTube Creators for Change

One view can create change

YouTube Creators for Change is a global initiative that spotlights inspirational Creators who use YouTube to foster productive conversations around tough issues and make a positive impact on the world. As part of their commitment to the program, Creators for Change Ambassadors and Fellows receive mentorship and promotional support to aid the creation of their Impact Projects—films that tackle a wide range of topics, from self-acceptance and showing kindness to others, to celebrating cultures and advocating for global empathy. UNDP and the European Union are pleased to be partners in the Asia region to help tackle the region’s biggest development issues through exploring innovative solutions with young online influencers.


How it works



This year's 13 creators have now launched their social change video projects.
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Boot Camp

The Philippines
Boot Camp

Viet Nam
Boot Camp

Bangkok Regional Impact Camp


Discover our 2020 Ambassadors

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What we got up to last year


In 2018, we worked with 15 channels in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia and 14 NGOs working to tackle discrimination, disinformation, extremism and hate speech. Together, they produced 34 videos to spark social change. After three weeks of being launched in November 2018, the videos were viewed over 1.5 million times.

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At the heart of UNDP's approach to building peaceful societies is partnerships: between governments, NGOs, the private sector, and civil society. For the last two years, the European Union has been a key support for the Creators for Change programme through UNDP and Google as part of a wider joint PVE project in order to build local-level community resilience against hate speech and discrimination in the online space.

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