Young Creators across Southeast Asia partner with UNDP, the EU and TikTok to promote tolerance and diversity

August 29, 2022
Creators Forward programme launch event in Indonesia

Creators Forward programme launch event in Indonesia


 Youth creators in Southeast Asia will participate in a creative training initiative announced today by the United Nations Development Programme and TikTok. Titled Creators Forward, the programme aims to use peer networks to reach, empower and educate young people in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines on an online culture of respect, kindness, tolerance, and equality.  

As part of the programme, online youth influencers from Southeast Asia aged 18 to 25 will undergo a six-week boot camp that offers training, mentorship, and tools to create engaging and positive narratives on their platforms. The workshops will be facilitated by experts from TikTok, UNDP, civil society organizations, and well-established creators from the region.  

Participants will use their strengthened digital skills and creative thinking to engage their community on diverse topics, including countering cyberbullying, celebrating cultural diversity, and advocating for global empathy. The training will support the participants in creating digital campaigns with positive social media messages that are expected to go viral and reach young people across the region.