Ministry of Change

We hold innovation community of practice gatherings to explore.

Interested in system transformation more than shiny new apps?

Curious about the direction as well as the speed of innovation? 

Ministry of Change (MoC) started in September 2020 and dedicated to connecting our innovation community of practice networks with case studies, interactive workshops, peer learning and reflection sessions - focused especially on systems change and transformation. MoC is a platform hosted collaboratively by UNDP Regional Innovation Centre Asia-Pacific and States of Change.

We organized virtual learning sessions to discuss and exchange knowledge in two tracks called 'System Spectrum' and 'Edge' that were open to the public.   

About the System Spectrum sessions
We held a special set of curated sessions designed to walk across a spectrum of systems change and transition practices. From field practitioner cases, to less obvious ways of approaching complex challenges.

How it works
The style is casual - no sage on a stage - but deeply curious as we get serious about unlearning and uncovering new ways of working to generate impact.

Watch video recording from each session below.  

About the Edge sessions
As an intro and outro to the Ministry of Change Innovation Community of Practice gathering that took place online the week of 5 October 2020, UNDP Regional Innovation Center Asia-Pacific, in collaboration with States of Change, wanted to create a conversation space to exchange edge work from the field.

How it works
We learn from those practitioners navigating the plurality of systems in some of the most complicated and less documented contexts.- the implications for informing systems trajectories - from policy to practice. We explore Alternative Development and Open Development Initiatives from across Southeast Asia, from data sovereignty and governance, to the emergent structures that grassroots actors and people-centered movements have been driving despite, and in some cases as a result of COVID-19.  

Watch video recording from each session below.