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Improving judicial integrity in Viet Nam in line with international standards


Viet Nam has been following judicial reform since 2005. Improving judicial integrity is one of the most important elements of judicial reform. The issue of judicial reform associated with improving judicial integrity has been
mentioned in several strategic government documents. Moreover, Viet Nam is increasingly integrated into the global economy, where judicial integrity is one of the most important pre-conditions for this integration.

  1. Insufficiency in judicial integrity affects the trust of businesses and individuals and impacts national economic and social development. According to a survey by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, only 50% (and in some cases 30%) of companies want to use courts to settle disputes. A Survey of 2019 Transparency International study showed that 22% of Vietnamese consider courts corrupt.
  2. Lack of knowledge and skills of judges in organizing online court sessions and applying IT in case management, especially judges of courts in rural areas.
  3. Lack of awareness of courts’ leaders and judges on the important international tools for monitoring judicial integrity (IFCE and JI Checklist).
  1. To improve the knowledge and skills of Vietnamese judges and court officials in applying IT tools to court proceedings
  2. To enhance the Vietnamese judges’ awareness of the international tools for monitoring the court’s excellence

Supreme People’s Court


180 Vietnamese judges

  • Translation of International Framework for Court Excellence’s Checklist, Emerging technology in ASEAN and Gender Toolkit (July – September 2022)
  • International conference to raise awareness and guide on how to use the International Framework for Court Excellence and/or Judicial Integrity Checklist for self-assessment to identify areas for improvement toward court excellence with the participation of JIN ASEAN experts. Organised in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City in October – December 2022).
  • Two training on the proceedings of online court sessions and the application of information technology in case management to implement the Resolution 33 of the National Assembly (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, January – March 2023)