Judicial Stress, the Unmentionable and the Undeniable

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Judicial Stress, the Unmentionable and the Undeniable

June 11, 2024

Judicial work is complex and rewarding, but can also be isolating, relentless and at times emotionally draining. In recent years, the topic of judicial stress and wellbeing has become the focus of increasing discussion and contemplation the world over, within judicial conferences, judicial journals and even the mainstream media. Despite this broad and growing interest, the topic has historically received scant research attention. As such, in most ASEAN jurisdictions, many questions remain about the nature, prevalence, severity, and sources of judicial stress. The empirical landscape, however, is beginning to change. This article sets out the rationale for robust research into the psychological impact of. judicial work, and then summarises the key findings from a recent large-scale study of judicial stress and wellbeing in Australia which served as the author's doctoral project through the University of Melbourne. 

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