Announcing the YouTube Creators for Change Ambassadors 2020

January 17, 2020

YouTube Creators for Change Social Impact Camp participants

Representing over 12 million subscribers, the newly chosen Creators for Change Ambassadors are expected to make big waves across social media this year. 13 prominent creators from Indonesia, the Philippines, Viet Nam, and Australia have been chosen to take part in the Google-led programme, in partnership with UNDP and the European Union in Asia, which aims to counter online hate speech and create positive online content in order to advocate for global empathy.

The video projects they have proposed have been shortlisted from a total of 60 applications, and will tackle some of the toughest social issues faced by youth in an increasingly digital world. From violent extremism, online bullying, gender-based violence, to social inclusion, their video will also explore these issues in a multitude of creative and innovative ways.

Creators this year:

Najwa Shihab
3.92 million subscribers
Project: Violent extremism, through interviewing and documenting survivors’ stories

Clarin Hayes
1.43 million subscribers
Project: Online bullying (specifically gender-based violence) through illustrated animations and expert opinion

2.19 million subscribers
Project: Online Bullying, interviewing the Indonesia Minister of Education and including video essays reflecting the creator’s learnings from the experience

Menjadi Manusia
390k subscribers
Project: Online Bullying, through a dramatization of how online hate speech affects one woman in achieving her dreams

Lex in Motion
20.6k subscribers
Project: Fact-checking, through a fun ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ style video where audiences are encouraged to participate through critically analyzing sources presented

Ella Banana
806k subscribers
Project: Social Inclusion, through a documentary following the story of a para-athlete on the challenges around the social perception of disability

Team Lyqa
454k subscribers
Project: Social Inclusion, through demonstrating the daily challenges facing the deaf community and encourage other creators to make their content more assessible

Giang Oi
1.14 million subscribers
Project: Women’s empowerment, through a Q&A video sharing personal stories of other women who overcame various challenges to achieve their goals

1977 Vlog
1.55 million subscribers
Project: Women’s empowerment, through parodying "The Far Boat" by writer Nguyen Minh Chau and renewing the story by adding comic and satirical elements

Tizi Đích Lép
69.8k subscribers
Project: Online Bullying, interviewing anonymous bullies to consider the causes of their actions

334k subscribers
Project: Racial stereotyping, through a comedic sketch

AJ Clementine
35.7k subscribers
Project: Race-based bullying, through a music video-style spoken word poem

Life of Christina
5.38k subscribers
Project: Racism, through exploring identity in “an open letter to my daughter” style emotive video

Creators have been participating in a two-day intensive training camp in Bangkok this week, where they are further developing their video ideas and receiving training on how to engage with social issues in impactful ways. They will then return to their respective countries to participate in a 3-month ‘Academy Programme’ where they are mentored by UNDP, Google, and issue experts to produce their proposed projects due to be released in Spring 2020.

For more information, visit the YouTube Creators for Change webpage.

Qustions: Mailee Osten-Tan,