UNDP sets up communications hub as first line of COVID19 defence in Somalia

March 25, 2020

One lesson is already clear from the COVID19 pandemic: the faster you get the message out on how to prevent infection, the quicker people change behaviour to slow the spread and save lives.

To make messages that will travel faster than the virus, UNDP has gathered Somali and international media experts together in a new creative hub that is making videos, animations, radio spots and social media graphics.

These awareness raising tools will travel all across Somalia in the coming days, on social media, in partnership with local radio and television stations and through networks that UNDP has built up with partners in almost every part of Somali life.

“Thanks to our work in government, security, the environment, youth employment, women’s rights and so many other areas, UNDP is uniquely placed to get the message out,” said UNDP Resident Representative, Jocelyn Mason. “But we need great content for people to disseminate, and that’s where this new hub comes in.”

The first two videos were released today: 20-second English and Somali PSAs on the importance of handwashing – one of the best ways to fight COVID19.

With a health infrastructure devastated by decades of war and little public awareness of how to avoid infection, Somalia risks being devastated if the virus spreads widely. Raising awareness now could save thousands of lives in a few weeks’ time.


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