Open Solar Contracts and the Future of Solar Energy in Iraq

August 4, 2022
UNDP In Iraq
Photo:UNDP Iraq

An important day for Iraq in its journey towards green energy.

One of the essential tools Iraq has in its fight against climate change is the infinite potential of the sun as a source of energy. In a sun-rich country like Iraq, solar solutions are a cornerstone in the transition towards renewable energy and achieving the Paris Agreement commitments by 2030.

UNDP Iraq, in partnership with the United Kingdom, organized a 2-day workshop in Baghdad, with participation from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to discuss with national stakeholders from the ministries of Environment and Electricity about Open Solar Contracts. Dr. Jassim Abdulazeez Hamadi, The Minister of Environment opened and chaired the meeting.

The Open Solar Contracts (OSC), created by IRENA, are globally standardized and simplified contracts to streamline the financing and implementation of solar power initiatives around the world. Bringing comparative experiences and best practices around these contracts to Iraq would support the investment environment in solar energy and accelerate the transition towards green energy which would ultimately lead to less Green House Gases emissions.

The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity has been aiming at increasing the share of renewable energy in Iraq but was faced with several challenges including the contractual process for utility scale solar energy. The OSC are a potential solution that could be tailored to the Iraqi context.

“As we approach COP27 in Egypt, this is yet another significant milestone in the journey towards a green Iraq. Sustainable solar solutions will play a vital role as Iraq adapts to the impacts of climate change,” said UNDP Iraq’s Resident Representative, Zena Ali Ahmad.

The aim of the workshop was to introduce the Iraqi stakeholders to these contract modules, contractual risks, and methods to procure affordable solar energy solutions through OSC and implement them.

This workshop was part of UNDP Iraq efforts to support Iraq find sustainable solutions for renewable energy in the country.