Mapping South-South Cooperation Mechanisms in the Arab States

Mapping South-South Cooperation Mechanisms in the Arab States

February 14, 2013

With a growing number of global organizations, and some specifically well-developed South-South Cooperation programmes already successfully active in the Middle East, the programme, beginning with this publication, aims to become a direct launching pad for inter-governmental cooperation and development schemes as countries begin to learn from each other on how best to impact development within their own borders.

This publication provides a gateway for providing direct access to agencies, civil society and governments in collaboration with the United Nations Office of South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) as the main facilitator. The framework can be designed to cater specifically to the particular South- South Cooperation goals of each state, as many states hover at varying levels of South-South Cooperation. Using the examples, solutions and mechanisms given herein, the role of South-South Cooperation will be further enhanced as countries look to replicate models that have proven successful in countries facing similar cultural and economic issues.

This publication aims to launch a platform for our partners and Arab States to enable collaboration and experience to be simultaneously shared and created. Taking into account the very specific cultural, religious and social aspects that are unique to the region, the enhancement of well-localized and successful solutions to South-South Cooperation can aim to trigger a broad consensus within the region for addressing specific needs and development obligations by governments and organizations. By generating a hub of information gathering and an avenue to access tried and tested mechanisms and solutions using South-South Cooperation, we aim to provide users with a vast network of information and contact sourcing to further enhance the active work within the region.

South-South Cooperation is becoming a primary source for this region’s development and this publication will help enable partners and organizations across the Arab States to promote their own methods, whilst also implementing tried and tested experiences from their neighbours. The publication has been designed to allow all relevant players to understand South-South Cooperation and to work further on promoting a full scale South-South Cooperation programme, such as those we have already seen in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt.

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